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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

The UFO Stasis (or Death?)

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In rummaging around the UFO blogosphere I noticed that a number of people who were active at UFO Updates 10 years ago have either gone underground or left the UFO community altogether.

(I posted some of the names at one of our UFO social sites.)

Contacting a few, I’m told that they were no longer actively interested in UFOs but still follow the topic sub rosa (as a lurker, rather than an overt observer).

No, it’s got nothing to do with ufological trolls or the internecine squabbling.

It’s mostly to do with the soporific, unstimulating nature of ufology and UFOs nowadays.

(I suggest you Google the UFO Update archives to see how wild and rowdy that place used to be. You’ll also see names of people quite active then, but not now.)

I get Google Alerts for Ufology and UFOs, but even they have fallen off precipitously lately, just three today [5/9] for UFOs and one for Ufology.

I know there is a remnant of UFO buffs still hyping UFOs, trying to salvage their investment(s) in the topic, some trying to forge ufological allegiances by various means.

That won’t work, long-range.

UFOs, as I keep harping on here (sorry), are really passé, although there remains a vital contingent on Facebook, where the die-hards have gathered and formed “friendships” whereupon they interact, rather dramatically, with each other.

But I don’t see any of the old UFO notables in those FB arenas, yet I do see vital interactions among UFO aficionados, some trolls, but few newbies; that is, the people working the Facebook UFO areas are the same persons who remain active in ufology even as it dies on the vine.

Being inside the UFO arena one thinks it’s vital and vibrant.

Standing outside the UFO arena, one will only spot a mosquito swarm of activity that has little or nothing to do with the social, political, cultural, scientific, entertaining milieux.

I know most of you don’t like to read these dour messages of mine, but that’s the way of things.

That some of you remain delusional keeps me in the fray. It stimulates my psychological interests. After all, being nuts still offers grist for discussion as the resurgence in Freud and psychoanalysis shows.



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