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Monday, May 15, 2017

The New Paradigms: Ufologists pay attention!

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I’ve noticed and posted some profound changes in scientific thinking recently:

The Big Bang is under assault by some physicists who can’t convince themselves or others that there was nothing before the Big Bang happened.

“The most problematic liability of each of the aforementioned Big Bang hypotheses was their inability to ultimately explain the literal origin of the Universe. Each sequence of events started out in medias res (in the middle of things).”

The Big Bang inflation theory has problems.

“A recurrent criticism of inflation is that the invoked inflation field does not correspond to any known physical field, and that its potential energy curve seems to be an ad hoc contrivance to accommodate almost any data obtainable. Paul Steinhardt, one of the founding fathers of inflationary cosmology, has recently become one of its sharpest critics.”

Two programs on he National Geographic channel Monday night [5/15/17] had references to items that I torture you with here:

The idea of Earth’s solitary isolation in the cosmos, with the clarification from Carl Sagan in his original Cosmos TV series, inserted in Neil deGrasse Tyson's new Cosmos series.

And in Year Million, NatGeo presented the concerns and benefits of Artificial Intelligence (Robots), AI being a possible explanation, by me, of UFO probes, a few.
Then there is the creeping idea that there may be a God in place for our universe and reality, below, in a posted link here [May 15, 2017].

How do these things impact the UFO topic (and ufology)?

Well, a paragraph in a review of new books about The Reformation in the May 5, 2017 Times Literary Supplement [Page 28 ff.] by Charlotte Methuen had this:

“MacCulloch’s underlying message [in his book All Things Made New] is the need for ‘the proper study of history” which, he argues, ‘forms a powerful barrier against societies and institutions collectively going insane as a result of telling themselves badly skewed stories about the past.” [Page 29]

So, one needs to know the real history of things – UFO stories, in urtext form as I beleaguered the other day here – in order to place them in the context of new thinking.

And the new thinking is showing up more and more, placing old-dog ideas about the cosmos, advanced species and life, and the rocky foundation of many physical laws that many (or you) hold dear.

Nothing is sacrosanct and the idea that UFOs are ET oriented is skewed history, a biased meme inserting itself in UFO lore by those who have a psychotic need to believe that beings have visited and are visiting here, to save us from ourselves or to offer advanced knowledge that we might use to save ourselves, with outside help.

While a few UFO die-hards and quidnuncs think that the UFO topic needs to be reframed, that is goofy.

The UFO topic, the UFO canon (lore) only needs a decluttering, a removal of false history and “facts.”

The chore seems daunting but it really isn’t. Kevin  Randle has begun the cleansing of Roswell clutter and Nick Redfern is constantly refining old UFO tales with new insights and real facts.

And you can do your part by refusing to continue flogging old, errant UFO broadsides and presenting them as truths, when you know they aren’t: MJ-12 is one.

Don’t continue to be “insane” but try to be intellectual, advanced in thought, just as are those who now see old (and even some new) physics laws as wayward and wrong.



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