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Saturday, May 06, 2017

The ET Visitation Psychosis

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Even The Anomalist’s Chris Savia has become enslaved to the idea that extraterrestrials have been and maybe are on the doorstep of our planet Earth.

His noting of a Daily Grail piece about the possibility of alien visits, long ago, that left artifacts which have been demolished by the corrosive activity of longevity and other Earthian factors that ultimately determine(d) the state of possible alien evidence goes to the desire of UFO buffs and paranormalists to establish that we, humans, are not alone in the Universe.

It’s the classic Freudian mental condition known as “wish fulfillment.”

And it’s the preliminary step to psychosis, if not stemmed by psychoanalysis or some other form of psychiatric manipulation.

Again, in the vast cosmos there surely must be other sentient life, but I quibble with the notion that Earth has been visited or is being visited by that sentient life.

First, there is the belief that Earth is a kind of unique repository of a special creation. It is, but only from a human perspective. Projecting the idea that humankind represents an exceptional incarnation is a leap of non-intellectual faith.

Second, that an alien civilization has discovered this special creation or even seeded it is a desire d’embléé or primordial delusion.

Primitive man believed that he was not alone in the Universe, begotten by a God or gods, and many present day humans believe the same thing.

And the idea that aliens (ancient and contemporary) visit(ed) the Earth is a staple of Ancient Astronaut Theory – an imaginative speculation in which the sobriquet “ancient astronaut” is used as a substitute rubric for the word God.

The jumping off point for sensible persons, such as my pal, Christian Savia, is SETI, which has the patina of a scientific endeavor, and it is, SETI searching for radio signals from alien civilizations, assuming that ancient (ET) civilizations would employ radio signals, having developed them much like Earth’s humans developed them using engineering insight and mathematical formulae specific to human inventiveness.

But SETI is just one more form of the delusional desire to find other species, off Earth, who co-exist with us and desire to find like-beings by scouring the galaxy or cosmos in the hope of finding their sentient brethren.

My beleaguered suggestion that Earth is a non-player in the cosmological scheme of things irks AATs and UFO buffs; that is, the Earth is such a pathetic planet at the outskirt of the Milky Way and hardly prominent by any definition, no advanced species would find us or know about us, unless…..
I’ve conjectured, as have others, that perhaps a probe sent through the galaxy or even the Universe itself might have stumbled upon this planet, and finding life, now persists in re-visiting or visiting here à la carte.

Yes, that’s a real stretch, for this reason: if an advanced civilization sent probes into the cosmological ether, they would do so from a point (or points) omni-directional; that is, they would be probing from a number of points, making it highly improbable that they would luck-out and send a probe or two in a line that leads them to Earth or our slim solar system.

The same holds true for SETI signals.

An advanced species or civilization sending radio signals out for detection would also be flummoxed by the radii points they’d have to use to cover a spectrum of the Universe or galaxy.

There are just too many directions to which a signal or spacecraft could be sent to make it logically feasible for radio or UFOs to get a hit: Earth.

We humans have to accept the idea that we are, for all practical reasons, alone in the cosmos, only noticed by, perhaps, an omniscient thing call God.

And to persist in pushing the “Life is out there” meme bespeaks a psychotic mind-set or an intrinsic ongoing psychotic episode.

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  • Space is a new Frontier...What is out there? and as such, needs an open mind, likened to the parachute; It only works if its open! How can anyone talk to a closed mind, let alone a psychotic mind-set!?..................?

    By Blogger Daniel, at Saturday, May 06, 2017  

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