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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Some interesting asides from the 1952 Sonny Desvergers UFO account

Karl Pflock’s account of the 1952 “scoutmaster” flying saucer encounter is a must-read for UFO aficionados:

The story is fascinating in many ways, but for my purposes I’ve culled a few side-bars that intrigue:

" ... Desvergers claimed to have received several threatening telephone calls and had noticed "a large black automobile cruising around near his house."

"James Moseley reports someone at the Air Force press desk in Washington told him Desvergers had been involved in homosexual activities."

And this about Project Stork, which is an ongoing project at Battelle and monitored by the U.S. military (Air Rorce and Navy).

Battelle continues to received UFO reports for evaluation, according to FOI documents received by a UFO researcher who has provided elements at  our private UFO web-site.

This is from Mr. Pflock’s NICAP rendition:

"This appears to have reminded Ruppelt of his grass specimens, which were forwarded from Carney's office on August 28 and sent to Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus, Ohio, for examination and analysis by its agronomy laboratory. Battelle, a private scientific and technical research, development, and management organization, had a contract with the Air Force to provide support to Project Blue Book, under the code name Project Stork."

Battelle Memorial Institute, "Sixth Status Report on Contract AF-19741, PPS-100 [Project Stork]," October 10, 1952, originally classified Restricted, p. 3. This may be the official report to which Ruppelt refers. Neither it nor any reference to it is included in the Blue Book file on the Desvergers case. However, it and the other six Stork status reports are included in the Blue Book files in the National Archives (National Archives II, College Park, Md.). This is the entire text concerning Battelle's findings (emphasis added): "Regarding the 'Florida' samples, no difference was observed between the two samples of soil, but it was found that the root structure of the plants from the area in question was degenerated, apparently by heat, while the root structure of a control sample was undisturbed. In addition, the lower leaves, those nearest the ground under normal conditions, were slightly deteriorated, apparently by heat. No logical explanation is possible for this alteration of the first sample, beyond the suggestion that a high soil temperature around the plants could have been the cause. No radioactivity was found in any of these samples."

The Desvergers story/report/account can be dismissed or accepted, depending upon your inclination.

But the MIB refererence might attract Nick Redfern and the Battelle references are for Anthony Bragalia, who has been investigating Battelle’s connection to the alleged Roswell metal debris.

Isaac Koi is interested in Project Stork and might wish to look into Battelle’s ongoing project by that name.

For me, the Desvergers encounter includes aspects that antedate later UFO reports of encounters (See Jose Caravaca’s reports here) and seem to authenticate the scoutmaster’s story, despite his (Desvergers’) iffy background and problems that Mr. Pflock enumerates.



  • Rich's piece clearly demonstrates how the US government utilized Battelle Memorial Institute to apply their specialized expertise and equipment to analyze physical samples of questioned nature or of unknown origin.

    This is yet one more example that helps support my conviction that Battelle was selected by Wright Field to analyze the Roswell debris, including the memory metal found at the crash.


    By Blogger Anthony Bragalia, at Tuesday, April 15, 2014  

  • Tony:

    We have the Battelle analysis and report of the soil samples from the Desvergers case. Well and good.

    So if your contention that they also analysed and produced a report on the Roswell debris is true, where is this report? If and when you finally locate it, we can begin to take your Roswell ideas seriously. Notice I said "begin".

    Or do you think the said report is classified too 'Above Top Secret' for it ever to be unleashed upon the public?

    By Blogger cda, at Tuesday, April 15, 2014  

  • Strangely enough, I'm actually planning a full-length paper on MIB car-based stories, the types of cars, eras, and the weird stuff of vanishing/flying MIB cars etc.

    By Blogger Nick Redfern, at Tuesday, April 15, 2014  

  • CDA-

    “Roswell Debris Confirmed as Extraterrestrial: Lab Located, Scientists Named” (May 26, 2009)

    “Roswell Metal Scientist: The Curious Dr. Cross” (May 31, 2009)

    “The Final Secrets of Roswell’s Memory Metal Revealed” (June 7, 2009)

    “Scientist Admits to Study of Roswell Crash Debris” (August 16, 2009)

    “Roswell, Battelle & Memory Metal: The New Revelations” (August 8, 2010)

    “Roswell’s Memory Metal: The Air Force Comments, NASA Gets Involved and New Clues are Found” (July 31, 2011)

    “The Secret Experiments in Space with Roswell’s Memory Metal” (February 5, 2014)


    By Blogger Anthony Bragalia, at Tuesday, April 15, 2014  

  • " "James Moseley reports someone at the Air Force press desk in Washington told him Desvergers had been involved in homosexual activities." " - - -

    Hmmm, tiresome smear. I wonder if the smear originated with the AF or Moseley. Moseley seemed keen on intentionally mentioning it. Ironic as I had the impression he had been gay.

    ~ Susan

    By Blogger brownie, at Tuesday, April 15, 2014  

  • We seem to be getting off topic. The fundamental question about this case is HOW did those grass roots get charred? This all seems either/or to me. Either Sonny faked all of this somehow (but how?) or something akin to what Ruppelt proposes produced the effects observed. All of the speculation about Sonny's character is quite beside the point unless we can explain those charred roots.

    By Blogger Dominick, at Tuesday, April 15, 2014  

  • Anthony B, those links you put up really impress me re the smoking gun evidence re Roswell memory metal; in the same way that I am impressed by an article claiming the Holy Grail from the Last Supper is residing in a forgotten attic in a Cathar ruin in southern France, guarded over by the descendants of Templar knights, sworn to secrecy.

    My analogy is not arbitrary, since Roswell is the Holy Grail in the secular science fiction religion that is the social morass/movement, ever moribund, never truly dead, known for lack of a better term as ufology.

    And the Roswell ET circus is held to with the same religious reverence and backed up by the same religious 'logic', ie circular reasoning, as is the case with any religious True Believer.

    Redfern, see you have a new book out. I'm amazed you can be so prolific, I'm amazed that anybody can be so prolific, I don't know how you do it. That's a compliment btw.

    Back on topic, yes this is a really interesting case. On a related note, I was reading some Raymond Fowler and even though of course I think his allegiance to the ET hypothesis is dead wrong, he has always been a first-rate investigator, brings up some very interesting cases he researched in Mass (that are otherwise largely neglected) that follow some similar patterns.

    By Blogger Lawrence, at Wednesday, April 16, 2014  

  • In relation to the MIB aspect of this narrative,the MIB might be associated with with could be loosely termed “portents” of a warning nature related to what Nick has suggested might be more related to “ghost activity” sometimes termed as demonic due to the negativity of it’s nature.

    All of these labels miss the mark as far as clarity and are due more to religious terminology superstition more than anything else.

    Then there are the reports of a similar type as described by John Keel. Unknown atmospheric activity associated with light and heat, MIB , implied or direct threats seem to have been once a wave phenomenon of the past.

    I have recounted my family’s own experiences with strange phone calls that were nonsensical warnings...the question has always been why me? I am a proverbial nobody who threatens no one, have no foes, etc.

    This began when I was nineteen.
    My mother was, if anything, observant of any happenings in our post war suburban neighborhood. For a period of several days she wondered out loud to the rest of our family, the mystery of a black limousine parked across the street from our home, throughout the night with it’s “motor running” . Out of curiosity, on two occasions, I looked for it and saw it myself, and oddly, the interior was dimly illuminated and two silhouettes could be seen inside.

    On the day the limo failed to appear ( which we anticipated to be seen ) , both myself and a close friend, Pat, received sympathy cards in the mail that contained death threats.

    A mutual friend, Kathy reported that her own close friend ( the same age as us ) was found hung in his bedroom. She had seen him the day before and there had been nothing unusual about his behavior.

    Another mutual friend Bob reported a second hanging occurred to another teenager when another fellow was found swinging from the rafters of a home under construction. Kathy, Bob, Pat and myself especially Pat and myself who had received the death threats were deeply disturbed.

    This convergence of events all occurred within days of each other as one could reasonably call “a wave”....What if anything this represented..I am clueless.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Wednesday, April 16, 2014  

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