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Sunday, November 11, 2012

UFOs and Oliver Sacks new book: Hallucinations


Oliver Sacks new book, Hallucinations, tells us, by inference, that some (many?) UFO events and sightings are hallucinatory.

A cursory reading so far indicates to me that some classic and iconic UFO cases were and are the result of an hallucinatory etiology:

Ken Arnold's 1947 sighting
Some Roswell witness accounts (post 1947)
The Betty/Barney Hill "abduction"
The Travis Walton "abduction"
The Pascagoula "abduction"

Ans others, which I will delineate further, upcoming, according to the precepts outlined in Dr. Sacks' opus.

Let me be clear, that some UFO accounts, such as Lonnie Zamora's Socorro sighting were not hallucinatory initially but ended up containing hallucinatory elements.

The resurrected Robert Taylor event in Scotland was fraught with hallucinatory aspects created by several contingent and/or confluent happenstances. It was not a UFO event.

Dr. Sacks' book is a must-read for those who want to be well-versed in the neurological possibilities for some UFO sightings -- not all, but some.

I know that many visitors here write that they will get or have read some of the material and books listed but, in fact, do not do so, as is evident by their commentary.

The ignorance of UFO mavens is palpable and shameful, but as French psychologist Gilles Fernandez often says, That's ufology.



  • "Let me be clear, that some UFO accounts, such as Lonnie Zamora's Socorro sighting were not hallucinatory initially but ended up containing hallucinatory elements."

    I don't know about that. Care to back up that claim with something specific?

    Certainly a bit of mythology grew up around the sighting that ignored key elements of the incident and give a exaggerated impression of the case to those who have never read Zamora's initial report, but that's not his fault.

    By Blogger Frank Stalter, at Sunday, November 11, 2012  

  • Frank:

    I'll be providing exegeses of the cases listed here and others going forward.

    The Socorro incident was as Zamora reported/witnessed but he was subject to hallucinatory elements that Oliver Sacks book provides, not specific to Zamora's event, obviously, but can be seen to be contributory.

    If you want to discuss this here, I suggest you buy the book and read it to get the gist of my view(s).


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, November 11, 2012  

  • ...Oliver Sacks new tome, 'Look at My Beard, not My Head', will certainly out-sell the unreadable manuscript that the unknown Tom Carey is cobbling together about his NEW Roswell Dream Team circle jerk....

    By Blogger Kurt Peters, at Tuesday, November 13, 2012  

  • Ken Arnold's 1947 sighting: Hoax and confabulation

    Some Roswell witness accounts (post 1947): False memories and confabulations

    The Betty/Barney Hill "abduction": Small group scare, false memories and confabulations

    The Travis Walton "abduction": Hoax and confabulation

    The Pascagoula "abduction": Drug and alcohol induced hysteria and confabulation

    Cash-Landrum: Small-group-scare-inspired hoax and confabulation

    Tehran 1976: Community panic turned typical flap; pilot hysteria and confabulation

    JAL 1628: Small group scare and confabulation

    Rendlesham: Small group scare (1st night); Small-group-scare-recreation hoax (2nd night)

    Got a fav you need explained?

    By Blogger zoamchomsky, at Thursday, November 15, 2012  

  • Zoam:

    Arnold's "sighting" was an hallucination (which I'll document upcoming).

    So was the Pascagoula and Hill episodes -- the latter turning into a ufological circus by some "researchers."

    Roswell has hallucinatory elements, but the core event was a misunderstood "accident" exploited by later UFO mavens who wanted it to be an ET event.

    The Walton "abduction" was inspired by use of externals that created an hallucinatory event.

    Cash-Landrum hysteria.

    Rendlesham, hysteria of the Loudon type.

    Et cetera, et cetera.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Thursday, November 15, 2012  

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