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Sunday, August 31, 2014

ETs on Earth?

Here is a succinct/concise conclusion of a paper from The Royal Astronomical Society (archived by NASA) that purports to provide reasons why we should seriously consider that UFOs and ETs have visited Earth.

(David Rudiak will like the paper. Skeptics will puke, mostly because of the rumination about Betty Hill's "star map.")

The Paper


ET Space Exploration: A Consideration

An excerpt from a 1995 paper considering space exploration by extraterrestrials:
The whole paper may be accessed here:

ETI Exploration


Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Roswell Slides: Not Interested!

I contacted several journalist friends with the Roswell slide story, hoping to get them to one-up the (allegedly) pending presentation on one of the fringe networks (History or Science?).

Noted Poynter freelancer Jim Romenesko was not interested but wanted to know which fringe network was involved. (I told him History or Discovery, although I have no idea).

Dan Spalding, a Chicago area reporter, passed.

And my CNN contact wrote back that his network had passed on the matter, because of the people involved (Roswell promoters) when it was presented to them earlier and doubted they would be interested now, but he'll let me know.

While UFO stories -- serious stories -- are rarely covered by news media, Roswell seems to be really taboo, the "incident" encrusted with fraud and lies and a kind of social hysteria that demeaned the topic years ago.

So, it seems we'll have to wait for the presentation charade to see what happens.

As a local TV reporter told me, in the world today, Roswell is a beleaguered story without societal value.


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Albrecht Durer's UFO?

Did German artist Albrecht Durer [1471-1528] who lived and worked in Nuremberg, where those famous broadsheets of UFOs occurred (covered here a few months back), see a UFO and produced an engraving of what he saw, elaborating on his sighting via artistic metaphors because he was flummoxed by the sighting, as most UFO witnesses are?

Here is an exegesis of the Durer engraving:

Durer's Melancholia


UFO abductions in (or by?) the military

This 1996 paper has the patina of scholarship, but is it really scholarly?

Project MILAB

I have never been a follower of the so-called alien abduction thesis, but have presented various pieces about the "phenomenon" -- especially after the exchanges I've had, in the past, with the credible Will Bueche (a colleague of John Mack).

Alien abductions are, for me, a psychological or neurologgical matter incurred by various stimuli. You can find my suggestions via Google.

CDA notes the diminishment of interest in the matter.


ABC's Good Morning America deals with UFOs

Airing 8/28/14:

The Socorro craft...on display

This photo appears in the Smithsonian magazine Air & Space [September 2014, Page 41]:
This is the blurb underneath the photo:
The similarity to what Lonnie Zamora reported, including a red insignia, is remarkable and interesting, insofar as the "craft" used in the photo replicates Officer Zamora's sighting.


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

UFO Entities: Where did they go?

In the early, modern era of UFOs, beings were spotted outside or inside UFOs/flying saucers, more often than not.

Spanish UFO researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca has cited a number of cases, and most of you are familiar with the genre.

In the 1950s, European countries were rife with UFO/entity sightings, France and Italy particularly. The entities were usually small in stature and oddly dressed:
Soviet , South American, and Scandinavian countries were allegedly intruded upon by entities of a taller or larger stature and sometimes impish:
In the United States or Canada, the entities were human or animal-like mostly, except for those encountered by contactees, which we can rule out as authentic in any real sense:
And some were just odd:
Were such sightings a matter of mass hysteria or hallucination, like that of the Loudun (France) nun possession in France [1634], across boundaries, as in Europe?

Or were these actual intrusions of alien entities from other worlds or dimensions (or time)?

That aside, why are there no such sightings or visitations now?

Was the 1940-1950 time-frame one of psychical displacement because of the Cold War or an aftermath of mental disturbance caused by World War II – a kind of flying saucer “shell shock”?

The entity sightings were (and are?) interesting and exciting for a number anthropological or psycho-social reasons.

Just as the current and recent studies of the pygmy tribes in Africa or the “hobbits” of Borneo look for an evolutionary pattern, the UFO entities could use a scrutiny, even though they are no longer reported or ufologically extant.

They point to an element of UFO lore that goes to, in my estimation, a clue as to what UFOs or flying saucers were (and are?).


The Universe is a Hologram (again)?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Another back-engineered, by the U.S., alien technology?

The Chinese have back-engineered alien technology?

Monday, August 25, 2014

Observational mistakes: The Chiles-Whitted sighting and The Roswell "accident"

In this paper...

Dead on Arrival?
The Development of the Aerospace Concept, 1944–58

School of Advanced Airpower Studies


For instance, these footnotes...

31. RAND, Preliminary Design of an Experimental World-Circling Spaceship, Douglas Aircraft Co., Inc., Santa Monica Plant Engineering Division, Report Number SM-11827, Contract Number W33-038 AC-15105, 2 May 1946, 1.

33. RAND, Preliminary Design of an Experimental World-Circling Spaceship, 10.

... created an explanation for the Chiles-Whitted UFO rocket sighting of 1948, that has been addressed by Wikipedia, Project 1947, and a terrific exegesis by the Living Moon site:

But the paper also details the internecine struggle for space exploration and technical development of space vehicles between the nascent United States Air Force and the United States Navy, in the context of the post World War II/Soviet environment:

If in the summer of 1947 the aerospace concept appeared to be taking hold within the Air Force, encouraged by Air Force leaders clearly thinking about the prospect of an operational domain that naturally extended beyond the atmosphere, within three years the concept had all but died. 

Without the external influence provided by the other services, by 1947 the aerospace concept arguably would have still been confined to the pages of Arnold’s 1945 report to Secretary Patterson. Thus between 1944 and mid-1947, the combined influence of the Army and the Navy’s actions highly encouraged its development.

Almost immediately the aerospace concept’s technology push element slowed to a crawl. Budget reductions, which began in the summer of 1947 and continued for another three years, took their toll on all Air Force R&D programs. However, those specifically supporting aerospace became the earliest casualties. Convair’s early ballistic missile study was cancelled in July 1947 as soon as the budget crunch hit, although an increased re-source flow which began following the opening of the Korean War, offered room again in early 1951 to reopen it. Satellites, interestingly, despite having lost its only rocket connection for three and one-half years, man-aged to garner the funding for RAND to at least continue its studies.

Naval thinkers ushered in the maritime vision a century ago. Perhaps it is time for airmen to lift the ceiling on airpower theory.

That last sentence of the paper gives a clue to why the U.S. Navy became and is the primary investigator of UFO sightings and, perhaps, the source of the Roswell event, which, I (and others) contend was an Earthian accident from a White Sands/Rand experiment.

UFO aficionados and ersatz researchers would do well to mine the information in this paper and others to find possible explanations for UFO sightings and the so-called Roswell incident, which is confluence of nonsense -- The Mac Brazel finding of Mogul or balloon debris, the sensationalized Haut press release based on Brazel's opportunistic salvaging of that debris, Roswellian hysteria instigated by the 1978 Friedman ET insertion into the "accident."


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Some fun....from our friend David Rudiak

David Rudiak, whose photo I purloined from the internet which gives its origin as Kevin Randle's blog, is a person I truly like and admire, despite his ETH bias.

But it seems I have, for some time, caused him angst and aggravation.

Here's a response from David at UFO Updates, circa 2005, about my Zamora thrust there.

I cause David Rudiak irritation


Jacques Vallee's Invisible College.....or Not

Jacques Vallee's Invisible College seems never to have come to fruition, although the concept would have been useful for study of the so-called UFO phenomenon.

Here's a paper on what an invisible college is and how to establish one:

Invisible College

The Roswell Contagion

Here is a paper about how social contagion evolves or takes place:

Memetics and/or Contagion

The paper guides those who are preoccupied with Roswell as a myth.

It has nothing to do with the core event that precipitated what has become the Roswell lore.


Friday, August 22, 2014

A Roswell Site -- but by whom?

Here's a web page, about Roswell, I found in our archives, but I have no idea from whence it derives.

Roswell 1947

David Rudiak, is this yours? If not, do you know where it originated?


Air Force paper on Teleportation

For those who think teleportation is possible, here's a paper from and for Air Force Research that goes into the topic thoroughly:


I suspect that only Larry will be able to understand the working principles but others can give it a try.


Thursday, August 21, 2014

For Zoam Chomsky and his "critics"

The July 17th, 2014 issue of The London Review of Books has a letter from Anil Gomes (Trinity College, Oxford) referencing an article in the June 19th issue of LRB.

It goes to H.A. Prichard's philosophical position, adopted by the so-called Oxford realists.

I won't go into the article or argument here but thought this was pertinent to what happens when Zoam Chomsky and his "opponents" get into discussions here (and elsewhere):

"The Oxford realists held that knowledge was a basic mental state, different in kind from belief and opinion. And whereas opinion could be supported on the basis of evidence, knowledge was a basic apprehension of truths. Someone who disagreed with you, then, couldn’t be argued out of his position by appealing to evidence. Rather, any disagreement could only be the result of one or other party to the dispute – most likely one’s opponent – failing to apprehend what was true clearly and rationally." [Letters, LRB]


The Steep Rock "hoax"

Here's a UFO tale said to be a hoax, and who am I to dispute that:

What shows this UFO account to be a hoax?

On its face, the account is fictive -- novelized -- as if someone was writing a SciFi story. (Compare it to Lonnie Zamora's police-like report about his 1964 Socorro sighting.)

But what disturbs, somewhat, are later "sightings" like this one which I've noted here: The Aldeburgh sighting and the Reverend Gill sighting(s).

Was the Steep Rock acount actually a hoax or did the persons initially reporting it recant, bcause they were hounded by peers or government/military agencies, who wanted to discount the sighting (for one reason or another)?

Yet, the prose elaboration tells me the story was concocted, however....


A bone on Mars?